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I'm a husband, Dad, follower of Jesus and a passionate coder. I love making things that have never existed and making them look awesome and fun to use.

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A blog site built using React and Gatsby Deployed with Netlify. Full SEO optimized and has built in search through Angolia. Also, enabled with Facebook comments.

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A webpage for Reconciled Products LLC a plastics brokerage. Built in JS hosted by Netlify

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Devout - Native app

I am currently working on a React Native app called Devout. Devout will have several features such as reminders for prayers, fasting, scripture memorization and others. It is still in development. I am working towards finishing in the next month and it being available for download for both iOS and Android.

Education And Fun Projects

I am always building something or learning something new. Have a look around

B.S. in Christian Ministries

I love school and so enjoyed getting my Bachelors degree from an awesome school like liberty.

Game night Scoreboard

A family game night scoreboard built using React. Includes such features as leaderboard, game timer, totalpoints and adding and removing players. Hosted on Heroku. Source code on GitHub

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Catch SpongeBob

A fun game I built for my kids. It is Basically Whack-A-Mole with SpongeBob. Built in Javascript.

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ESV Bible Word Search

A classic web app for searching words in the ESV Bible. Built using Vanilla JavaScript and accessing the ESV API. Hosted on Heroku and source code on GitHub.

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